The advantages of tube rotary cutting machine

60 Tube Rotary Cutting Machine

ZG-60 (High Precision Servo Positioning Pipe Cutting Machine)
Cutting diameter range (mm): 8 - 62
Processing length (mm): 500
Spindle maximum speed (RPM): 1450
Axial feed speed (m/min): 0~12
Diameter feed speed (m/min): 0~24
Main motor power (kw): 3-5
Air source pressure (map): 0.5
Dimensions (mm): 1600*1000*1500
Machine weight (kg) 900
Main uses and features of the machine tool:
1. This machine tool is suitable for cutting all kinds of pipe materials, especially suitable for mass production of bearing enterprises. The machine tool adopts PLC control, advanced servo system for positioning and cutting, feeding multiple pieces at one time, with high precision and high efficiency. The machine tool detects each cutting workpiece to make up for the previous machine tool. After the ills of rebound, put an end to the emergence of waste products.
2. The machine tool has broken tool and no material alarm.
3. The machine tool adopts cross roller quenching guide rail, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, low rolling friction and long service life.
4. Servo system feeding is adopted in vertical and horizontal direction, which has the characteristics of corresponding fast and stable feeding.

Jk tube rotary cutting machine parameters:
Type: Tube Rotary Tube Cutting Machine Brand: Jk Control form: PLC
Model: Jk-60 Servo motor power: 400W Dimensions 1750*1200*1500:
Machining accuracy: ±0.05 Processing length range: 2-900 (mm) Maximum machining diameter: 60 (mm)
Maximum turning diameter: 60 (mm) Spindle speed series: variable speed Cutting wall thickness: 0.2-15mm
Installation form: floor type Feeding method: automatic discharge Scope of application: cutting of round pipes
Clamping method: oil cylinder Cutting diameter range: 15-60 (mm) Main motor power: 4Kw
Cutting frequency: about 25 pieces/min Cutting method: cutter Cooling: air cooling
PLC brand: Delta Servo: Delta Low voltage electrical: OMRON

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