Upgrade Your Pipe Cutting with Our Automated System

Upgrade Your Pipe Cutting with Our Automated System

Intelligent machines possess features to facilitate automatic pipe cutting processes. Equipped with sensors and control systems that detect length, diameter and position of pipes as they pass over sensors installed to detect length diameter and position changes automatically to make cuts according to preset cutting parameters, this automation simplifies operational procedures while decreasing human error; all an operator needs to do is set their cutting parameters before starting up their machine, leaving its task of cutting to it's own devices thereby increasing work efficiency and improving work productivity.

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14 years professional manufacturer

Jingke is an innovative high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It has a production base of 8,000 square meters and 14 years of manufacturing experience.

Won a number of technical patents

Over the years, the company's research and development achievements, from traditional cutting to laser cutting models, have obtained a number of invention patents. Provide metal pipe processing solutions for many large enterprises.

Product quality assurance

tarting from customer needs, provide reasonable solutions and customized automatic lines to ensure product delivery quality from the source. In terms of quality, we insist on implementing the requirements of ISO9001:2015 to ensure the high quality and high precision of the manufactured products.

Intimate after-sales service

Jingke provides smooth consultation channels, recommends reasonable models and configurations according to customer processing needs, and can also provide free proofing services. Provide life-long equipment maintenance and system upgrade services, quick response, 30-minute professional and technical personnel telephone answer.

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JingKe Is A Large Molding Machine Manufacturer

Main production: automatic pipe cutting machine, automatic pipe bending machine, double-head chamfering machine, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service, with rich practical experience in R&D and production, advanced processing equipment and exquisite processing technology, A group of professional engineering and technical personnel and a strong design and development team. With the aim of improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality for customers, we will provide new and old customers with high-quality and satisfactory products and services. The company has obtained domestic safety and quality certification and strictly implements the quality assurance system.

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Effective Automated Cutting

Our automatic pipe cutting machine incorporates advanced automation technology for efficient and accurate cutting processes. Equipped with sophisticated sensors and control systems that automatically detect length, diameter and position of pipes as they pass under it for cutting purposes based on user preset cutting parameters - thus saving valuable time while eliminating risk due to human errors incurred during manual measuring - its automated features eliminate manual measurements while eliminating human errors; saving precious hours as they go by saving precious minutes from manual measurement while decreasing time wasted with unnecessary human labour for cutting tasks undertaken manually by humans when taking over by machine so they improve work efficiency as compared with manual methods alone!

Convenient Operation and Monitoring

This automatic pipe cutting machine boasts an intuitive user-friendly interface, easy operation and the capacity for real time monitoring of its cutting process in real time. Operators can enter cutting parameters effortlessly and monitor results to achieve optimal results quickly and effortlessly. Featuring intuitive display screens and control panels with simple user-interface, making operation more rapid than ever; with convenient operations functions designed specifically to make grasping operation and understanding cutting process more straightforward; improving work efficiency as well as cutting quality in real time.

Precise Cutting Capabilities

An automatic pipe cutting machine features superior cutting abilities and can make extremely accurate cuts, using advanced laser or plasma cutting technologies such as millimeter-level accuracy laser cutting or plasma cutting technology to deliver highly precise cuts. Operators using an automated pipe cutter can rely on its precise cutting abilities for high quality cutting results in any situation ranging from construction projects that need pipes precisely cut and joined, to custom made pipe components used in manufacturing operations - this machine does it all.

Multi-material and Multi-Size Adaptability

An automatic pipe cutting machine boasts impressive multi-material and multi-size adaptability and can cut pipes made of many different materials and sizes with ease - steel, stainless steel, copper or plastic pipework are no match for it! Plus it can adapt to pipe sizes of various lengths and diameters offering greater versatility - whether that means small bore pipework or large diameter ones are cut effectively and efficiently to satisfy users' diverse application needs.

Frequently Asked Question

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An automatic pipe cutting machine is a machine that is used to cut pipes automatically, often used in manufacturing plants or industrial settings. These machines use a variety of cutting tools and techniques, such as plasma cutting or laser cutting, to cut through different types of pipes.

Using an automatic pipe cutting machine can save time and money, as it can cut pipes more quickly and accurately than manual cutting methods. Additionally, these machines can be programmed to cut pipes to specific lengths and angles, which can increase efficiency and accuracy in production.

An automatic pipe cutting machine can cut a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic. The type of material that can be cut will depend on the cutting method used by the machine.

When choosing an automatic pipe cutting machine, factors such as the size of the pipes to be cut, the thickness of the material, the desired cutting speed, and the available budget should be considered. Additionally, the type of cutting method used by the machine should be appropriate for the materials being cut.

An automatic pipe cutting machine works by using a cutting tool, such as a plasma cutter or a laser, to cut through pipes. The machine can be programmed to cut pipes to specific lengths and angles, and can also be equipped with features such as automatic feeding and clamping to increase efficiency. The cutting process is controlled by a computer, which ensures accurate and precise cuts.

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